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Fey finds new dot dollar variety

A new Morgan dollar subvariety has been discovered by Michael S. Fey.
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A new Morgan dollar subvariety has been discovered by Michael S. Fey.

It appears on the 1878 seven-tailfeather dollar and is identified by a raised dot to the right of the final 8 of the date.

Leroy Van Allen, author of the Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars, has assigned a new subvariety number, 1878 7TF VAM 144B.

Fey said that while attending the American Numismatic Association?s World?s Fair of Money in Denver, Colo., he spotted the almost uncirculated coin in a dealer?s case. Not recalling another 1878 seven-tailfeather variety with a raised dot in the field next to the last ?8? in the date, he bought it.

He showed it to Jeff Oxman, who said he didn?t recall having seen one like it.

Fey decided to send the coin to Van Allen for inspection and possible assignment of a new VAM designation.

?As many collectors are now seeking to assemble a complete set of 1878 Morgan dollars, any new variety, even subvarieties, are significant finds,? Fey said. ?This is one of several varieties having a ?mysterious dot.? Perhaps the most well known ?dot? varieties are the Top 100 1884 VAM 3 and 4, with large and small dots on both the obverse and reverse. There are several rare dot varieties known in 1921 as well.?

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