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Extra stars on cent bear no significance

Do the 15 stars on the 1817 large cent variety indicate the number of states in the Union at that time?

Do the 15 stars on the 1817 large cent variety indicate the number of states in the Union at that time?


By early 1817 there were 19 states in the Union, Mississippi becoming the 20th on Dec. 10, 1817. There has been no satisfactory explanation for the two extra stars other than their being an engraving mistake.

Is there such a thing as a proof coin that is proof on only one side?

The U.S. Mint struck one-sided proofs in the early 1800s. Coins of Queen Victoria are also known with the obverse classed as a proof. I also have one listing of an 1895-S “presentation” coin, a dime with a proof-like obverse and a frosted reverse, “reminiscent” of the one-sided proofs.

Are presentation pieces known from the Denver Mint?

A limited number of coins with proof, or proof-like surfaces were struck at Denver in 1906 and distributed to officials and others attending the opening ceremonies. The late Texas coin dealer, R.E. “Bob” Wallace acquired a proof, or prooflike 1906-D $20 gold piece in 1987 which came from the opening ceremonies.

Did the U.S. Mint have a collection of Washington material?

The Mint formed what was call the Washington Cabinet with coins and medals honoring Washington, dedicating it in 1859. A number of the restrikes and special coins produced by the Mint in that era were used to trade for pieces needed for this cabinet.

Didn’t Clifford Mishler issue some private medals back about 1960?

He was responsible for issuing a set of eight 40mm medals issued to mark the statehood of Alaska and Hawaii in eight different finishes – 10 karat gold, sterling silver, oxidized brass, bright brass, aluminum, nickel-silver, oxidized copper and bright copper.

What was the source of the name for Washington’s estate?

The land originally belonged to Lawrence Washington, George’s half brother. Lawrence named the estate “Mount Vernon” after the very popular English admiral, Edward Vernon who captured Porto Bello in 1739. Upon Lawrence’s death in 1752 George inherited part of Mount Vernon.

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