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Everything happens at once

Ever notice the frequency of coincidences? As I headed to lunch yesterday, I had to stop at the post office to send off an anniversary card. It was bigger than usual and I wanted to have correct postage. There was a line. I had to wait. There is nothing wrong with that except Lyle Mork had yelled across the street to me on my way in that he wanted to join me for lunch. He was waiting for me.

I was expecting to have lunch with Cliff Mishler. When he is in town, he usually shows up on Monday. On our way to the Crystal, Fred and Kathy Borgmann arrived with the same idea in mind.

Gosh, some days I have to eat alone. Such is the power of coincidence.

At work I checked the Mint schedule to see when the uncirculated coin sets were due out. There is nothing specific posted, just a July/August window.

In yesterday’s mail, I had a letter from a reader who had a couple of things to say. One was related to uncirculated coin sets. He noticed Mint Statistics called the 2007 uncirculated coin set a 20-coin set. Oops.

But that error has been on the page for about a year. Someone could have pointed it out at any time, but it came as I was mentally gearing up for the 2008 set. The listing for the 2007 set will be changed to 28 coins to reflect the arrival of the Presidential coins last year.

None of this is remarkable, but it is interesting how random events get channeled and suddenly become related events.

My thanks go to David Rickard for his sharp eye on the Mint Stats page.