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Everybody likes change

Change – not the things will be different kind, but the coins in your pocket kind – seems to be popular at the moment.

Reader input regarding hunting for coins in circulation seems to be running fairly high lately.

That’s a good thing in a hobby that was built on Whitman albums and searching through large quantities of coins to find the rights ones to plug into the holes.

But the question is why?

For many years going back to the implementation of the Coinage Act of 1965 I have heard and read collector comments declaring the circulation finds era to be over.

There is nothing left to found, the story went.

So why do we keep on looking?

I for one just can’t help myself. It’s a habit. It’s fun. I also occasionally find something worth reporting on, like the silver quarter I received at the grocery store last October.

Hard to believe though it is, there are still silver coins out there to be found. There also are error coins.

I have even had recent inquiry as to why it is so hard to find 2009 Jefferson nickels. That means at least one person is avidly searching nickels and wasn’t around when we reported on the extremely low mintages that year due to the recession.

I guess collectors old and new think checking change is fun and that is something that may never change.