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Ever thought about your own web site?

Ever thought about having a web site?

Sooner or later every collector thinks about setting up a web site. I have many times, most recently when eBay raised their rates and changed their feed back policies. Every time when I had some thing up for sale and it didn’t sell it made me wonder what if I had a web site. Well there is a site now called on which you can set up a store which in effect is a site where you can list items for sale with a fixed price, post scans and dictate your sales terms. Best of all it’s free and you don’t need any special programs or equipment. It’s so easy to use that even I could set up my store with only an old desk top pc and a flatbed scanner. Go to the site and check it out at : . When you search the site I found that you get better results by using the singular and not a plural version of a search word. For example try badge instead of badges or medal not medals.

On another subject, the Kenosha Silver Star group that I wrote about several weeks ago. I received a response to my information request from St. Louis stating that the Rydeen files were lost in the fire. Unfortunately a lot of WWII Army files were lost in that fire. Another example of how private medal collecting preserves historical records that would otherwise have been totally lost by the same government that has placed legal restrictions on honest collectors.