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Euro buy sets me up for Berlin trip

Gee, perhaps I should take up currency speculation. I finally decided to act to buy the 20-euro note that George Cuhaj had brought back from Helsinki in June.

The price of the euro had been dropping this fall. Finally on Dec. 30, just before George was ready to head to New York for two weeks I paid him the then going rate of $1.32.

Since that day the euro has turned around and started rising. It is up about two and a half cents.

What does that mean?

It means I have a profit of a cool half a buck.


I guess I will think I am a genius of market timing.

Seriously, the good news is that the cost of my trip to the World Money Fair next week should be a bit more bearable for the corporate budget.

The euros I bought for walking around money cost fully 20 cents less than what I had paid last year.

That’s quite a difference and perhaps I won’t look as much like the country boy in the big city of Berlin gawking at the prices.