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Estonia Notes for Sale at Spink

Sammelselg Collection of Estonia Paper

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TomorrowSpink Londonwill offer a fine collection of Estonian Banknotes, Payment Notes, Interest Bearing Notes, Treasury Bills and Treasury Notes at live auction. It's a rare opportunity to see and acquire these pieces of financal paper money from early 20th Century Estonia, so don't miss the boat. You can view the auctionat the Spink website and click here for a direct link to the Sammelselg Collection lots.

Most of the Sammelselg items are dated from 1919 to 1928 and iclude selections from the following issuers - Clearing House of Tallinn, Fidelity Interest Bearing Notes, Republic of Estonia Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Republic Exchange Notes and Estonian Banknotes.

The note shown at top is from the Clearing House of Tallinn, a third emission, specimen 10,000 marka of 1920. Only two examples of this type are known to exist. Below is a specimen 10,000 Marka Republic of Estonia Treasury Bill for 6% issued February 1, 1921. Estonian Treasury Bills came into prominent use to pay soldiers after the War of Independence. Economic circumstances meant that most all Treasury Bills were redeemed, making surviving examples very rare today. 

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Estimates for the Sammelselg Collection seem very reasonable in the Spink sale. Below are two examples of Treasury Notes, each with estimates less than $500. While both of these notes are rarely encountered, interest remains specialized enough that prices are still within reach for many homeland collectors.

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For a nice listing of all Estonia banknotes and bills of exchange, check out the online catalog by Juri Rudich and Ants Kulo. For more historyof the political and economic struggles, as well as social, governmental and cultural triumphs of Estonia check out