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Erupting interest in coins?

The erupting volcano in Iceland got me thinking yesterday. Tom Michael and I were having a conversation that started with, “I sure am glad we are not in Berlin trying to get home today.”

This occurred after many European countries closed their airspace and grounded commercial airline traffic.

It is unfortunate for the people who are stranded and I am sure I will soon be reading gold and silver price forecasts based on the economic impact the erupting volcano will have.

Already the pundits are talking about a colder winter. That isn’t welcome news in Wisconsin. It is usually cold enough here.

However, a colder winter might just keep more coin collectors at home and tackling their indoor hobby pursuits. Coin collecting has always been skewed to the winter months and this might make it skew even further.

Anything that spurs people to think about coins is ultimately a good thing for the hobby.

So, if you have had to cancel your European vacation, consider once closer to home and spend the savings on your coin collection.

And enjoy the summer; the winter that follows may require a little more stamina.