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Error group issues latest magazine

The latest issue of Errorscope, CONECA’S (The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America) bimonthly journal, is now on its way to members.


In this issue, Steven M. Bieda reminds us of the No Mintmark Modern United States Rarities 1968-1990.

A few of the coins he discusses are the latest hot item, the 1990 (no S) proof Lincoln cent, as well as the sleeping 1982 (no P) circulation strike Roosevelt dime.

Bieda discusses estimated mintages and pricing history for the seven dates and denominations where the United States Mint forgot to punch a mintmark onto the dies.

James Zimmerman discusses a unique multi-country error of a Canadian cent struck over a Papua New Guinea one tohea struck on a Fiji one cent planchet.

To join CONECA, contact Maria Rickert–Kittell at P.O. Box 233, Armada, MI 48005, or email Annual dues are: Adult Member $25, Young Numismatist (online Errorscope only) $7.50, or (online Errorscope plus mailed hard copy) $17.50.

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