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Elvis is Alive & So Is Coin Collecting

Elvis Lives - On Coins!

Relocationof the Elvis is Alive Museum has begun. At 81, the founding father, Bill Beeny, decided it was time to pass on the museum to the highest bidder. Andy Key won the eBay listed lot at $8,300 and will be working soon to move a massive amount of memorabilia from it's former home in an old coin operated laundry building in Wright City, Missouri down to it's new home near Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis was born.

Though I'm sure there are plenty of hopeful fans expecting Elvis to show up at the grand opening, I'm not holding my breath. On the other hand, coin collectors know that Elvis does live on in fond memories and commemorative coins and medals around the world.

Collecting Elvis coins and medals could be a long-term pursuit. Some of my favorites include those from Saint Thomas and Prince, as well as the Gibraltar Centenary of the Cinema Crown from 1996 and the Marshall Islands coins from 1993. Medals dedicated to Elvis are more extensive, struck in many medals and featuring the many styles Elvis sported throughout his long and varied career. Coins with color Elvis portraits are often unofficial items made outside the U.S and other world mints, like the flashy Tennessee quarter set currently available on eBay.

Check out NumisMaster for various Elvis coins by registering and using the advanced search to seek out the King by Country. For medals, silver rounds, coins and even novelty banknotes you can search eBay's exonumia and world coins sections by keyword Elvis.