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Elongated marks Hawaii Christmas

 A special Christmas elongated from Hawaii is available.

A special Christmas elongated from Hawaii is available.

An elongated cent celebrates Christmas Hawaiian style.

“Mele Kalikimaka” is the Hawaiian phrase meaning “Merry Christmas.” The phrase is borrowed directly from English, but since the Hawaiian language does not possess the “r” and “s” of English, “Merry Christmas” becomes “Mele Kalikimaka.” The phrase also became a popular hapa haole song written in 1949 by R. Alex Anderson.

One of the earliest recordings of this song was by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters in 1950, and it has since been recorded by several artists, including Don Ho, the Beach Boys, and Jimmy Buffett.

Now this phrase has been memorialized in a special issue elongated cent for Christmas 2018. The design is rolled directly onto a real copper cent. This year’s design features an island with a Christmas Palm Tree, ukulele with lei, and hibiscus flower showered with stars and candy cane.

Quantity discounts are available. Send them to family and friends in Christmas cards.

Single elongateds are priced at $2 each. Five cost $7.50, 10 are $12.50, and 25 can be purchased for $25, postage paid to U.S. addresses.

Information requests and orders may be sent to Michael Mochizuki, P.O. Box 512, Aiea, HI 96701, or email him at

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