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Ellis seeks re-election to ANA board

Re-election to the American Numismatic Association board of governors is being sought by Mike Ellis of Camilla, Ga.
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Re-election to the American Numismatic Association board of governors is being sought by Mike Ellis of Camilla, Ga.


He made his intentions known as the Florida United Numismatists convention was getting under way.

“We need a hard working, diligent, communicative board whose members exude enthusiasm for our community while further improving the association and I am one of those people,” the first-term governor said.

Ellis laments the plague of lawsuits by former executive directors.

“This must stop,” he said.

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I believe our current set-up with Jeff Shevlin as executive director and no attorney on a costly retainer as general counsel is the most ideal position we have been in in a long time.”

He says ANA must return to its mission to educate.

“Additionally, it seems there is always ongoing discussion regarding show dates. For quite a few years now many large coin shows have become ghost towns by Saturday afternoon. I believe dealers must be made to stay all day on Saturday.”

Ellis has been an ANA for 31 years and has been an instructor at ANA Summer Seminars since 1996. He has a Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, a President’s Award from past President Clifford Mishler and the Murray G. Singer Outstanding Hobby Mentor Award.

He has served 14 years as a board member and officer of CONECA, eight as president and four as vice president. During this time he led the error organization, he says he took it from a little known specialty club to a well known, highly respected national organization.

He has been given every award CONECA has, including induction into its Hall of Fame in 2009.

“I continue to write numismatic articles and do tons of volunteer work for the numismatic community.”

He notes that numismatics “is a hobby for most of us and I like to keep it fun for everyone.”

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