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Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week

Elizabeth - The Golden Age

While preparing for my travel to Berlin and during my stay there in Germany, I had regretably little time for watching movies. On our return flight however, I was able to view three films and would have to say that Elizabeth: The Golden Age was the most riveting. This is the second film in what will probably be a trilogy of Elizabeth films starring Cate Blanchett, who shines brightly as QE I.

If you are a devoted history buff, you may find some of the dramatic license too much to bear. There are some time shifts, with people and events, which do not jive with the actual recorded history, but I think the character of the players is kept pretty well intact. The interplay between Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth is fun on film, though it may have been based on conjecture. A very interesting chain of events with Spain and England during this time period is at the heart of the historical basis for the film and that was what I found most interesting to see visulatized.

If you enjoy period pieces and can live with some separation between reality and film, then you should find Elizabeth: The Golden Age fun viewing.