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Edge-lettered Sac gets finder $10,000

A $10,000 finder

A $10,000 finder?s award will be given by the Professional Coin Grading Service to Andrew Moores for his discovery of the first 2007 Sacagawea dollar with an edge lettered like a Presidential dollar.

The 2007-dated lettered-edge Sac was struck at the Denver Mint. Moores of Lakewood, Colo., said he found the coin in his pocket change and he could have had it for up to two weeks before he compared it to other Sacagawea dollars that he had set aside. Regular Sacagawea dollars have a plain edge.
It was only when a friend mentioned it, that Moores became aware of the PCGS reward and sent his coin in.

?Needless to say, Mr. Moores is a very happy man,? said Ron Guth, PCGS president.

The reward was offered by PCGS in March.

Earlier, PCGS paid a $2,500 finder?s reward to Ray and Mary Smith of Fort Collins, Colo., who submitted the first known lettered-edge blank planchet Presidential dollar in March soon after the Washington dollars went into circulation.