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eBay Gets Flakier Every Day!

Flake Sells on eBay for $1350

This week the online auction site, eBay, had an auction closing for a corn flake shaped like the great State of Illinois. The McIntire sisters out in Virginia found this flake and decided to share it with the world, but when it was first listed eBay pulled it for being in violation of their food sales policy. The McIntires were guilty of attempting to auction unpackaged food products.

The sisters put their heads together and built an eBay work-around by offering a coupon good for their flake, which passed eBay rule scrutiny and sold on Friday night for $1350. The fellow who bought the corn flake owns a trivia website and a traveling pop culture trivia museum, so the Illinois flake will someday hit the road for all to see.

Even more interesting is the little cottage industry that sprung up around the Illionois flake. You can get t-shirts and several differentbuttons, or maybe you would like to bid on a corn flake shaped like your own home state. A quick search on eBay turned up an Ohio flake , a Michigan flake and a Virginia flake amongst many others.

Isn't life in the USA fascinating?