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eBay community Feb. 18-25 strike! Sellers of the world unite!

eBay Strike !

Well it certainly was news to me, but now it has gotten my attention.

I’ve been active on the internet auction site for just over ten years now. I’ve both sold items globally, and bought things locally - the stuff that we crowd into our lives for comfort or profit – and have had the opportunity to have some great email exchanges about experiences.

However, while reading a CNN story over the weekend, it alerted me to the strike. Then I went out to YouTube, and there was a very informative video. They I got to read on the eBay site the listing of all the fee changes to go into effect February 20th.

Yikes. A shot across the bow.

At times this winter I have had over 50 items listed each week. Now I have one, and next week, it goes away for a week.