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Eagles, Eagles, let


May?s silver American Eagle bullion total of 1,516,000 has been replaced by the numbers from the first week of June. The 425,000 figure is a respectable weekly number. Unfortunately, the Mint?s silver blank suppliers cut by half the number they can supply weekly to the Mint. Sooner or later, this drop will show up in the numbers and it is probably likely that the June monthly total will be significantly fewer.

The Mint points out that so far this year, the 10.07 silver one-ounce bullion Eagle?s struck already exceeds last year?s total for the whole year, which was 9.03 million pieces.

Without Eagles to write about, it is otherwise a fairly dull week. The 2007 proof set will soon be replaced by the 2008 set, so buy them now.

The Arizona quarter has succeed the New Mexico piece. And like the prior design, the first week?s Arizona sales have started off at about two-thirds of the 10-week level of New Mexico.

Louisa Adams First Spouse gold saw the proof up by 463 pieces and the uncirculated by 293.

Last year?s 10th anniversary platinum set total saw an increase of just 3.