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E-Newsletter responses 4

From the Jan. 11 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Are Bald Eagle commemorative coins being pushed out of the limelight by regular issues like First Spouse, American Eagle and American Buffalo coins?
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From the Jan. 11 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Are Bald Eagle commemorative coins being pushed out of the limelight by regular issues like First Spouse, American Eagle and American Buffalo coins?

Here are the answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Regarding the Bald Eagle. I personally feel the Mint is overworking the new issues. There is only a certain amount of money one can spend on new or for that matter old issues. With the prices going up on both the silver and gold. This is good and bad. Good for the market and bad for the collector, who now has to pay something like $900.00 for a 1 ounce gold coin.

It has always been by bone of contention that the Mint is over producing collector coins. Between the new $1 Presidential series, the First Spouse series and on and on.

Edward J. Moschetti
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Not so much as ?pushed out.? Maybe we are headed to the situation of the Canadian collector where there are so many different issues each year. At that rate it is next to impossible to afford them let alone keep track of them in our memory.

Robert Lorenz
McKees Rocks, Pa.

No I do not think the coins are being forced out. There?s enough wealth of coins for different types of people to enjoy. Besides, these are different coins being produced, from the usual stamping of coins. U.S. mint; keep up the good work.

James Dorsey
Philadelphia, Pa.

They have a Bald Eagle coin now? ?Nuff said. LOL

R. Beni
Phoenix, Ariz.

No, commens are issued twice a year and folks who collect them know when they are being released thanks to publications like NN. So they are on top of their game. I do not collect the First Spouse coins; however, I will try to purchase the Andrew Jackson Liberty coin because my best friend and his wife and both very distantly related to him and I think the design is pretty (capped bust). Thanks for listening.

Neil Robertson
Leicester, N.C.

I?m really looking forward to this program! In general, I love the various images of the eagle on our coinage. I definitely plan to order the proof clad half-dollar for my type set, and though I don?t normally collect gold coins, I?m thinking about ordering a three-coin proof set. I especially like the two baby eagles on the half probably due to the fact that I?m ?expecting? twin granddaughters this year. I?ll also get a couple of Young Collector?s Sets to set aside for my upcoming granddaughters!

 Robert H. Ball Jr.
Detroit, Mich.

I don?t see how with the three great designs they came up with on the Bald Eagle coins.

T. Marsh
Del Mar Terrace, Calif.

I intend to buy everything the mint sell this year except for Gold an Platinum coins. But I also intend to buy First Spouse Gold coins to keep my collection complete.

Jerry Stottman
Del City, Okla.

I am actually looking forward to this upcoming issue from the US Mint. An issue with a limited number mintage is always better than the unlimited coins produced such as mint and proof sets that are on sale into the next year!!!

Bill Keklak
Brick, N.J.

With all that is going on at the Mint, it?s understandable that quality control has gone astray. What with Sacagawea dollars, Presidential dollars, State quarters, Kennedy halves, dimes, nickels, cents, Silver Eagles (both proof and uncirculated), Gold Eagles (in both proof and uncirculated in four sizes), Gold Buffalos (in proof and uncirculated), First Spouse gold coins (again in proof and uncirculated), ?the Poor Man?s? First Spouse coins (who thought that one up?), Platinum Eagles (again both proof and uncirculated in four sizes), commemorative coins, proof sets, Mint Proof Sets (is that another selling technique?), Prestige Sets, the Legacy Sets, Silver Proof Sets, Mint Sets (shouldn?t they be called the Poor Man?s Proof Set?), medals, and D.C. and U.S. territories next year, as well as the four reverses for the Lincoln cent, I wouldn?t be surprised to see the Mint come out with its own popcorn and soft drinks. So, why not bald eagles, perhaps followed by flamingos, then of course the spotted owl, the osprey and the California condor.

Kevin Brady-Jones
Address withheld