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E-mail snafu makes buyers anxious

The Mint is going to have a busy day today.

Yesterday I started receiving e-mails from readers who subscribe to Mint products saying that their orders for the 2010 proof silver American Eagle could not be fulfilled because the coins had sold out.

Well, this was a mistaken e-mail. Subscription orders will be filled.

Other collectors contacted me to say erroneous e-mails were also sent out saying the Mount Hood quarter program was sold out as well.

Because yesterday was the Veterans Day holiday, there was no one working at headquarters in Washington, D.C., from whom I could find out how many such erroneous e-mails were sent out.

Backed up phone lines yesterday afternoon at the Mint’s order number was a strong indication that there was a significant volume of such e-mails sent out to anxious would-be customers and they were calling in to check the status of their orders.

Sales of the proof silver American Eagle are slated to begin next Friday, Nov. 19.

After last year’s complete cancellation of the proof silver American Eagle program, these e-mails are giving collectors another case of heartburn, but at least this time, the ending should be a happy one.

One downside is if any collector might think that this is some sort of indication of a high level of initial demand. It isn’t. It is just a mistake.