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Duck the flu bug with coins

Swine flu is not really a numismatic topic, but with all the media focused on it, it is difficult to resist writing a little bit about it.

For individual collectors, if we feel there is a risk from interacting with other people for the duration of the potential epidemic, what can be more ideal than retreating to our homes and our numismatic interests?

The Internet will allow us to interact with others if we so choose to do so, but perhaps the best use of unexpected home time is the possibility to learn something new, or explore a familiar topic in slightly greater depth.

Without outside distractions, the chance to concentrate and to learn is enhanced. Carve out an hour or two. Turn off your cell phone. Tell any and all family members that this island of time is yours alone and you are going to spend it with your hobby.

Then simply luxuriate in the ability to give the topic of your choice your full attention.

Now your system might be shocked because you have blocked outside stimuli. Then again, you might find that you enjoy focused numismatic time so much that you will try to do it on a regularly scheduled basis instead of catching a few minutes here and there.

Numismatics cannot cure or mitigate swine flu, but it can cure any sense of being trapped where you happen to be. The whole world can be yours without actually physically exposing yourself to it.