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Dr. Livingston I Presume?

In the past when I described groups it was groups of military medals earned by one man or woman. Recently in a small local antique shop I stumbled across a group of another kind, one that contained no medals at all. The group includes a brass belt buckle for one of those cloth belts commonly worn in the military. This buckle is engraved with the medical caduceus above the man’s name so we know he served in a medical role. Next we have a sterling silver id bracelet which is engraved with the man’s name and service number. The service number indicates that he was an officer and since the bracelet is a private purchase item our man probably had money and knew how to manage it. Next is his army issue dog tag which is the next of kin type. It confirms that he was an officer and from Chicago. Chances are that he was a doctor. Now all that is left to do is to try and research him. Was he a Doctor? What units did he serve in and what medals did he earn? If I ever find the answers to these questions I will post them here.