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Double strike, triple strike and more

I was joking around a bit on Friday with colleague Lisa Bellavin. We we talking about what we would be doing in the future, including getting a video player for our Web sites.

We did some video last year on our trip to Berlin and we even did a prototype talk show that was a lot of fun, but the ways of a corporation can move quickly or slowly depending on cost and how a function is perceived.

So, Lisa and I were talking about numismatic video in the context of the delivery the day before of an Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens double eagle gold coin to another colleague, Bob Van Ryzin.

The coin is gorgeous and well worth the wait, unless of course, you missed an appointment with a grading service to have it slabbed MS-70 and sell it on eBay.

So our oohs and aahs about the beautiful gold coin mingled with our discussion about video. I was saying that numismatics is not exactly a visually action-packed topic unless we take a sledge hammer to Bob’s new coin and shoot a video of it.

Lisa and I gave each other that look you get when something is about to hit you as uproariously funny. We burst out laughing.

See it now, numismtatists gone wild.

I am sure we would get a huge viewership as numismatic topics go, but I am equally sure that I would get a lot of hate mail about the vandalism.

I am not advocating numismatic vandalism, but extreme behavior posted online seems to be the signature feature of Internet video. Sure, more and more movies and TV programs are being downloaded, but behaving badly still seems to be thriving.

Bob’s coin is safe.

Lisa and I had our fun.

Numismatic video is coming, but keeping you from yawning will be the hard part.