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Dora de Pedery-Hunt, Canadian sculptor, 1913-2008

Upon my return I found a notice that Dora de Pedery-Hunt died September 29th. 94 years of a life well lived.


As a coin collector, one would be familiar with her distinctive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which graced the obverse of the circulating coins from 1990-2003. It was the first time that Canada broke with the use of the official "British" portrait design. And it was quite well done, too.

She was awarded the 2003 Saltus Medal from the American Numismatic Society in NYC. However, her support of the ANS was as an active member interested in their programs. She attended the 1983 125th Anniversary celebrations as well as the initial AMSA exhibition which was hosted in the ANS exhibition hall. This is the photo I took of her receiving the Saltus medal from Council Member Steve Scher with Dr. Robert Hoge looking on.


She tirelessly support the art of the medal, not only in Canada, but internationally. Dora served willingly and at much expense as the FIDEM delegate for Canada for over twenty-five years. She participated as the guest sculptor at on of the annual British Art Medal Society's weekend gatherings. She actively supported the American Medallic Sculpture Association activities, and when it was time for Canada to form a group for its growing interest in medallic art, she supported Medallic Art Society of Canada.


I was pleased to have known her. I collected some of her medals. I attended one of her exhibition openings in Toronto and used her work in a talk I gave at the FIDEM confrence in Neuchatel, Switzerland. That talk was entitled "The good, the bad and the ugly." When I told her I was using some of her medals in the talk, she joked about which category they would fall into. And at the end she expressed her appreciation of where they did fall.

She was a disciple of the medal, spreading the word to students and willing to help others improve their craft.

I found a notice that a celebration of her life is planned for the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto on what would have been her 95th birthday, Nov. 16, 2008.