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Dool to seek ANA board seat

Don Dool announces he is joining race for an ANA board seat.
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Illinois collector Don Dool will run for a seat on the American Numismatic Association board of governors in the 2007 election.

?There are several reasons for my candidacy, he says, ?the library naming fiasco, the removal of a board member and the selling of the ANA name.?

He calls two other issues important. The first is the proposed changes in the bylaws that, he says, ?would drastically alter the nomination process and eliminate a large number of members, including me, from obtaining a nomination.? He doesn?t think this should be done.

The second issue is something that he favors: the elimination of anonymity of exhibitors and judges.

?Other competitions from the Olympics to ?Dancing with the Stars? to dog shows, horse shows and auto shows do not function this way, so what makes us different?? he asks.

?I have been a collector since 1963 when I became interested in U.S. coinage, but my numismatic interests shifted while working in Argentina in 1984-1985. While there, I started an AD-dated collection of world copper coins that led to several exhibits that in turn led to my monthly column in World Coin News. During my time there I also developed an interest in Argentine medals?

In addition to the ANA, he holds membership in the Chicago Coin Club, Central States, Elgin Coin Club, Numismatic Literary Guild, LANSA, Numismatics International and Centro Numismatico Buenos Aires. He says he is the first honorary member of Centro Numismatico de Santa Fe.

He has written for the Elgin Club Newsletter, Bank Note Reporter and El Telegrafo del Centro. He is a past vice president of the Chicago Coin Club.
In 1972, after 15 years as both a telephone central office switching equipment engineer and a microwave field engineer, he says he founded TeleTechnology International. Along with reconditioned switching equipment, TTI designed and provided electronic enhancements to many telephone companies in the United States and internationally.