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Donuts for Homer

Homer Hobo Euro Amusement


My posting from last week about the discovery of a Spanish Euro coin artistically modified to sport a portrait of world renowned cartoon character Homer Simpson solicitied several comments from readers. My favorite came from friend and fellow numismatic humorist, Joe Zaffern who glibly offered two dozen doughnuts for any Homer Simpson Euro coin. Joe went on to suggest one of our more creative Unusal World Coin people might want to start a doughnut currency series.

That got me to thinking...which of course Joe knows can be dangerous.

Here's what I am wondering. What world coin could best be modified to showcase Marge, Lisa and Bart? Which, in turn, makes me wonder if there are any coins out there suitable to be worked into displaying Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie or Brian Griffin from Family Guy?

Take a few minute out of your busy day and think about your favorite cartoon charcaters. Are there any coins out there aching for a bit of modification to host your personal cartoon hero? It'll be good for a laugh and we all need a few of those.