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Don't forget we're collectors

The numismatic staff finished working this week on a special project. It is an online-only magazine called Precious Metals.

It’s purpose is obvious. With gold at record highs and silver at 30-year highs, they are front and center.

However, as with anything we do, there is a numismatic twist.

Pat Heller suggests where gold might be heading while David Ganz and Eric Jordan suggest coins to consider that are not only made of precious metals, but have the low-mintage numismatic kick to them.

Mintages don’t mean much in the present frenzy. But they will. That means if you are buying precious metal coins, why not give your purchases that extra punch?

There are also some cautionary tales, because we don’t want you to get carried away.

Check it out and see what you think. Here is the link: