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Don't everyone leave at once

Ah, the first weekend of the summer is upon us. I look forward to it every year with two minds.

I am glad that it is finally warm enough to be outside and to have a three-day weekend to enjoy the outdoors.

However, in the back of my mind, I know that other hobbyists like to slack off in the summer, too. That always runs the risk of a summer slowdown for the numismatic commercial sector if too many of us decide to take vacations.

Some years when the coin market is hot, hot, hot, it does not slow down at all in the summer.

We have had a number of these active summers in recent years.

Will our run of luck continue?

You never know.

Just in case, perhaps the American Numismatic Association should set up a collector vacation clearinghouse.

No more than 1/12th of all collectors will be allowed to take a vacation in any given month. That way the economic impact of our absences on dealers will be evenly spread throughout the year.


OK. Be stubborn, then, but enjoy your time off whenever you take it.