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Does this seem interesting?

With all of the ways we have to communicate today, it may seem strange to note that I often find myself short of information.

When I fired up the computer this morning there was an inquiry:

“I am an individual small collector. A few months ago I bought a graded 1/10 bullion gold coin. The seller’s picture showed only the obverse. My story would end with an adjustment from the grading company. Would you give a free five-year subscription if you publish my story, yet to be written? I have all the e-mails to prove it’s true.”


How many e-mail exchanges does it take today to get to the heart of a matter I often wonder?

Judging from just this, it doesn’t seem the least bit interesting. Perhaps with more information, it will.

Does it look interesting to you?

More frequently I receive e-mails from people asking about subscriptions, but no information is provided as to the address the periodicals are being sent to. Sometimes they don’t even include full names. I forward them to the circulation department, but then they have to initiate further exchanges with the sender.

To be sure, many of my e-mails are to the point and contain all of the information that I need. But there are enough of the other kind where a few extra seconds spent before hitting the send key would be of great help to me and all concerned.