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Does he bite? Not the dog, the ANA president

American Numismatic Association president Bill Horton has presided over tumultuous times at the national collector organization during these past two years.

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One thing I have observed is that during the difficult days, he has not lost his sense of humor.

When I received the photo, which was taken during the Garden State Numismatic Convention over the weekend in Somerset, N.J., I quickly e-mailed back the headline to Bill and I asked if I should publish it. His reply was quick: “Go for it.”

Humor is a wonderful thing. It can take the edge off tense meetings. It can help people reach accommodation when they feel more like arguing. All too often, it has been absent from ANA presentations to its members and the public.

I find myself thinking to myself, “If only they could see Bill individually or in a small group. It would be different.”

During the ANA’s National Money Show in Charlotte, N.C., Bill quipped during a lunch break from the ongoing board of governors meeting, “I’m the pinata and I bring my own stick.” It was a clever reference to the Mexican delight of hitting a paper animal or other object filled with goodies.

At the Central States convention in St. Louis earlier this month, the CSNS board went into a very lengthy executive session. It was so lengthy that some outside commented about it. Bill’s humor came through. In a conversation with Nancy Wilson, he said, “They are allowed to do that. It’s a different set of letters.” That cracked me up.

The reference was clear. Critics, including me, have said that there are too many things done in executive session by the ANA.

I like the humor. I appreciate it. I am sure others would, too, if they saw more of it.

By the way, the dog belongs to Andy Lustig and is named Aki. The Young Numismatist is David Jacobson.