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Dizzy but not because of silver

Where am I?

No, I didn’t just wake up after an exciting night. I am sitting at my usual desk this morning.

I am in the process of moving from one place to another within the Krause Publications building in Iola, Wis.

Yesterday afternoon I began moving things to the new desk. This morning I will finish.

Because my computer is still sitting at the old desk, this is where I must write my blog post.

So, what do I want to write about this morning?

I glance over to where my calendar is supposed to be. It’s at the new desk.

Write about silver nearing $40 an ounce?

I open the desk drawer to grab my calculator to figure out the current value of U.S. 90 percent silver coinage. It’s not there, either. It’s at the other desk.
Even my weekly notebook is sitting at the other location.

As my computer and online connection show, the world is still out there. The Japanese reactor problems are front and center as are the European debt crisis and the slow-going efforts in Washington to get the federal budget under control.

It’s all a little disorienting.

That feeling of being a stranger at my own desk will pass in a few days. The problems of the world will require much more time.