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Did you buy one?

Did you order a Girl Scout commemorative silver dollar yesterday?

If I say I ordered one I will look like I am trying to hype sales. After all, it is a worthy cause.

If I say I did not order any, it will look like I am not doing my job as a hobby periodical editor. After all, what is my purpose if not to promote the expansion of coin collections all across America?

I have certainly studied the offer. The proof is $54.95. The uncirculated is $50.95. I ask myself whether these are reasonable prices given the present price of silver bullion.

Any collector interested in new issues will then take those prices and weigh them against the mintage ceiling of 350,000.

Then he or she will ask whether the mintage is low enough to justify a hope that the coin will be scarce enough to command a premium on the secondary market or whether the Mint might deliver a Proof-70 or MS-70 example that can be slabbed and sold for a premium price.

Last year’s Infantry silver dollar commemorative fell almost 100,000 short of reaching its 350,000 maximum. The Star-Spangled Banner silver dollar saw even fewer sold.

Finally, the collector will ask whether the theme is something that he or she just can’t live without.

At that point the collector will act or not act.

What did you decide?

I’m not telling.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."