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Deep, dark plot? Let me sleep

For most American Numismatic Association members, the firing of Larry Shepherd has come and gone and they have returned to their everyday concerns.

The chance for member input to the board of governors passed at the Pittsburgh convention Oct. 14.

That’s it then. Right?

Not if there’s any truth to a late night call that came into the office.

I wasn’t here to take it. At 12:45 a.m., I was at home sound asleep. Voicemail did its job.

But the caller wanted to be sure that he told me he was suspicious. Some remarks he had heard a while back coupled with Shepherd’s departure means that a certain person is arranging events so that he can claim the fallen crown of executive director.

Who might this person be, you ask?

I’m not telling.

If I believed a single word the caller said I might be more inclined to name names.

But I don’t.

However, if all these hidden machinations occur, the caller said he was going to publicly resign his ANA membership and make sure all the other ANA members knew the reason why.

If that happens, you will know and I will know I missed a scoop.

But a 12:45 a.m. phone call tells me I was very wise to be sound asleep.