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Dealers rally to solve crime

A $22,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief or thieves who stole coins Oct. 11 from the car of Silver Spring, Md., coin dealer Julian Leidman.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center reports that a side window of Leidman’s car was smashed and the coins removed. Leidman was returning from Coinfest, a show held over the weekend in Stamford.

The dealer community is banding together to help law enforcement solve the case. The reward stands at $22,000 as this is written, but it started out yesterday at $5,000 with the initial reward offer of Coinfest founders Laura Sperber and Jon Lerner through the Professional Numismatists Guild. Other PNG dealers followed.

The possibility of theft of valuable coin inventories is always on the mind of the nation’s coin dealers as they travel from show to show.

When theft becomes reality, the dealer community moves swiftly to attempt remedies.

It is a tribute to them as they transform from fierce competitors to concerned numismatic community members. They know a danger to one is a danger to all.

The Township of Montville, N.J., police are investigating the crime.

Identifiable inventory items according to NCIC includes:

• 1921 $20 gold piece NGC MS-61
• 1932 $20 gold piece uncirculated
• Several scarce date Libs and Saints
• 1806 half dollar PCGS MS-63 (proof- like) planchet flaw on reverse
• 1807 half dollar PCGS MS-65
• 1892-O dollar PCGS genuine holder incredible coin appears to be proof.
• 1829 5 mark struck off center

Three contact phone numbers have been given for the use by anyone who can help with information.

• Det. Keezer
(973) 257-4113

• Julian Leidman
(301) 585-8467

• Doug Davis
(817) 705-4450

Let’s hope this story has a happy ending. We do know from the actions of the dealers that it has had a happy first step.