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CSNS makes bourse changes

Dealers with booths at the Central States Numismatic Society
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Dealers with booths at the Central States Numismatic Society?s 68th anniversary convention, scheduled for the America?s Center in downtown St. Louis, with bourse activities taking place May 9-12, 2007, will notice two significant changes in the administration of that event.

The Central States convention has reduced its bourse fees across the board by $50 per booth. The first badge issued to each booth will be included in the reduced bourse fee, and there will be a $50 charge for all additional badges beyond the first.

General Chairman Kevin Foley said a review of past shows indicates the change will not affect most booth holders.

?Some will experience an increase,? he said. ?This change is being implemented in response to complaints from numerous booth holders that others are unfairly degrading the value of their bourse space by obtaining free badges for their favored customers, who then compete against booth holders for purchases and sales during the restricted dealer move-in and set-up period. This reform will end that practice.?

Foley also said the CSNS show board will start enforcing strict booth holder attendance policies to operate their booths during the entire convention, until 5 p.m. Saturday, May 12.

?The CSNS convention is one of the leading numismatic events in the United States,? Foley said. ?Many of our participants travel considerable distances at substantial expense to attend. As the event sponsor, we represent to them that they will find a bourse area of roughly 275 booths during our operating hours. Due to early departures, this has not always been the case. We have already recognized the realities of show attendance patterns and eliminated the typically poorly attended Sunday bourse hours. Dealers who depart early will be subject to a range of sanctions, including suspension of bourse privileges, or if they are invited to participate in the future at all, assignment to booth space in the rear of the hall.?

For further information on the show, Foley can be contacted at (414) 421-3484; e-mail