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Cross Over Collectibles

Most of us who collect things usually collect items that appeal only to collectors who specialize in the same collecting field like coins, stamps, militaria or a multitude of others. Once in awhile however we get lucky and find an item that is sought after by collectors from different fields which are totally unrelated to each other. The example illustrated below is a book published in 1943 by Walter Butler Shipbuilders, Inc. of Superior, Wisconsin. The award decoration illustrated on the front cover instantly caught my eye and being a WWII Wisconsin item was an added bonus. The fact that the company also had a strong Canadian connection was a plus since the Canadians are strong collectors of their own military items. Best of all is that the involvement of the Dionne Quintuplets in the war effort is a major portion of this book. Collecting Dionne Quint’s items is a serious collecting specialty but not one that I ever expected would end up in my collection.