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COTY Peoples Choice Award Goes to Hungary

Hungary Wins Again!


World Coin Newsand NumisMaster announced today that a Hungarian coin wonthe newly established Coin of the Year - Peoples Choice Award for the second year in a row. Last year, the first year a COTY Peoples Choice Award was presented, Hungary stunned the Mint and Central Bank community by getting out the collector vote for their coin.

798 Hungary rev.jpg
798 Hungary obv.jpg

In Berlin last year, at the World Money Fair, I was asked by several Mint Directors how Hungary had done so well, so I asked Terez Horvathne, Commercial Director for the Hungarian Mintand was told that they had worked with the countries numismatic clubs and encouraged all members to vote. A straight forward get out the vote effort, combined with a good patriotic national theme for the coin - the 1956 Revolution - brought votes from populace outside the mainstream collecting community also.

1956 Rev.jpg

I relayed this information to all the folks that commented on the voting results and encouraged each and every one to attempt similar drives their own nominees, but happily for Hungary they were able to beat the competition again.

Quite an honor to recive this popular award in it's first two years of existance! My congratuations go out to the Hungarian Mintboth for a beautiful coin and for a great job exciting their collecting community!