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Costa Rica Travel vs Red Cross

Costa Rica Travel eliminates Blood Donation

This week in Iola the American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive with sponsorship from the Iola Lioness. Normally I try to donate every time the Red Cross comes to town. Blood is the one sure fire thing I can donate with confidence that it will be put to good use for those in need. I never have hesitated in giving blood to the Red Cross, but this time I had a doubt.

Having just returned from Costa Rica and remembering all the travel outside the country questions on the American Red Cross donation forms, I decided to call 1-800-Give-Life to check on my eligibility. As suspected my trip will put a damper on blood donation for some time. In fact, potential donors must wait one year from the date of their return to the U.S. before their blood donations will once again be accepted into the American Red Cross blood bank.

A dissapointing thing for me to find out, as I cherish my opportuntiy to give, but reassuring to know that the American Red Cross is maintaining some serious vigilance in protecting the purity of their blood reserves. Hopefully they will come to town again this time next year and I'll be ready to go!