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Contributor's newsletter schedule (Quarter two, 2016)

Very soon we should all be seeing the 44th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 and 11th edition SCWC 2001-Date. Each are due back from the printer during the month of June and should be shipped out, to those of you whose name appears on their Acknowledgements pages, during July, if all goes well. This was the craziest production season I can remember, as I took on the role of editor, in addition to my role as market analyst, plus it fell to me to add as many new issues to the SCWC 2001-Date as possible. This last task had to be limited to listings, as image gathering was impossible within the time frame. The U.S. Coin Digest and North American Coins and Prices also fell to me this year and have taken much of my time these last few weeks post-SCWC production. Please do notice that the Colonial U.S. sections of these two volumes have been reorganized, as has the War of Independence section of Mexico. Problem areas for users and production staff for many years, I chose to take the time this year to restructure them in our Librios website for clarities sake. I like the results, please let me know what you think.

The 2017 North American Coins & Prices will feature a reworked Mexican War of Independence section.

The 2017 North American Coins & Prices will feature a reworked Mexican War of Independence section.

My additional work load on the SCWC titles this year came about because Maggie Judkins was advanced to editorial director for magazines and newspapers and though we are happy to have her still on staff, we will miss her work on the Paper Money catalogs and with new issue coins. Stepping into that position just recently is Tracy Schmidt, who has introduced herself to many of you already and finished that job in the previous section of this newsletter. Tracy has begun work on the 16th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money – General Issues, due for completion over the summer months. In that same approximate timeframe, I will be working with you on the 7th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800, for which excel spreadsheets are now available. If you need anything that I have not already sent you, please email me with requests.

Several of you have proposed special off-season projects, as offered in our last newsletter, which I am just recently getting the time to review and consider. I should be contacting you within the next few weeks with appropriate excel sheets and timelines for completion in advance of book schedules. If any of you were considering additional projects, or have more to say about a project you proposed in the past, please email me soon to discuss possibilities.