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Confederate States Paper Money now in a 11th edition.

Confederate States Paper Money now in a 11th edition, and in color!

After the death of Arlie Slabaugh during the production process for this edition, it feel to me to get this 11th edition to press.

Confederate States.jpg

With the pricing assistance of Pierre Fricke, and a bit of re-organization, this work continues in Arlie’s tradition of merging the historical background information with the stories behind the note issues and printing firms.

The issues of the Confederate States of America from Montgomery and Richmond are listed, as were the state issues from the individual Confederate States, and notes from the reconstruction era.

The 6x9 format continues, but the paper stock has improved, digital color images of the bank notes greatly enhance the presentation. Work will continue to get the product fully in color for the 12th edition. Time just was not on our side this year.

The 271 number page book has additional ad pages for the first time. It is available from or from your favorite book seller. It is code #Z2407 with a retail price of $27.99 USD.