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Computer starts week with problem

I arrived at the office at the usual time this morning to start another week. My computer was not similarly ready. It may seem odd, but I can access my blog and the Internet, but I cannot open the many files I usually work with to put out Numismatic News, World Coin News, Bank Note Reporter and supplements.

It is going to be a particularly busy week. World Coin News goes to press Wednesday, the same day Bank Note Reporter has its ad deadline. Tomorrow the Paper Money Market price guide section of Bank Note Reporter goes to press. It's proposed cover was sitting on my chair when I came in. I did not work all day Friday. I headed off to Appleton on errands around 9 o'clock in the morning, but before I left I had gotten the raw material for the cover to the art department. The cover looks good.

Today is the ad deadline for the semi-annual show and auction guide that is bound into the three papers in December and again in June. It goes to press Nov. 19.

Look at all those deadlines. I haven't even mentioned the standard weekly Numismatic News deadline yet.

Thanksgiving will shorten next week's production period, so some of my time this week will also be spent on getting things ready early. As you might guess, I don't have the problem of feeling unneeded. I suppose I could write the same thing about my IT department. The next thing I have to do is alert them to my current problem. They will ask me if I have rebooted recently. I will do so. Then we will see what happens. Before I rebooted, though, I wanted to get this posted.

Mondays are always interesting. I am off and running on another one. Wish me luck.