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Community Voice Responses (May 14, 2019)

One method of attracting new collectors would be to get some magazines in the magazine racks at book stores and supermarkets. I see magazines for everything from cars, video games, knitting, and movies to hunting. Nothing up there to even show that coin collecting is a possibility.


Name and address withheld

Coins will need a screen, WiFi connectability, USB port/ and rapid charging to be attractive to today’s kids

David Wyndoze
via Facebook

Well once the investors took over all of the high end coins with ridiculous prices I think it has went down hill ever since. Most of the collectors can’t even have a lot of coins above AU-58 because they are all owned by investors.

Michael Short
via Facebook

Have mint U.S. days at bank branches. Have them show up at a local bank branch and show the public what they have. A lot of people don’t even know what is out there.

You could also have a physical brick and mortar store front in large cities so people can see for themselves what the Mint has to offer. Get a 2019 proof set from the mint store, then that will encourage them to go to their local coin shop to get the rest.

C. J. Patterson
via Twitter

I always gift an Old Coin with a “date of Birth” currency note framed to anyone who invites my family for birthday celebrations of their children. This was suggested to me by one of my friends and dealer, Mr. Jayanti Shah Ji.

Chowkidar Jay Panda
via Twitter

The Mint should have more circulating options to collect. Like the state and national park quarters.

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