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Community Voice Responses: June 18, 2019

From the May 24 Numismatic News E-Letter

Which coin would you like to see the U.S Mint offer a new restrike of?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

I would like to see a restrike of the Liberty Cap cent.

William Eckberg
Address withheld

Flowing hair series.In gold!

Dennis Ditsch
Address withheld

I’m thinking that the nickel should have a different obverse design, just my thoughts.

John A. Worobetz
Address withheld

I would like to see a restrike of the Barber half dollar.

Stephen Hoffarth
Fergus Falls, Minn.

The Question should be WHY would the U.S. Mint restrike anything? Don’t they have NEW ideas?How many more dead presidents, buffalos/bisons and eagles can we see? And how many quarter sets with poorly designed reverses do we have to endure? U.S. Mint – PLEASE don’t restrike anything anymore!

Oded Paz
Arco, Idaho

How about restriking the 1804 silver dollar?

Jerry Engelson
Address withheld

The 1804 Silver Dollar would be very popular, especially if struck as a circulation coin and released through banks at face value.

Name and address withheld

Personally, a restrike of the original Washington 25 cent piece is acceptable. Also, the W L 25 cent piece is a good idea. Perhaps both in a set would be a great selling point! This may promote the items for future use.

Gary Kess
Sherman, Texas

What coin(s) would I like to see the U.S. Mint restrike? None. Nada. Never. There’s too much confusion in the marketplace today with altered coins, counterfeits, a never ending profusion of U.S. Mint offerings [circulation coins, collector coins, bullion, medals, commemoratives, etc.] to name a few problems. The numismatic community does not need more stuff.

James Sibley
Sprint, Texas

I think a BUST or SEATED LIBERTY coin, dime or quarter dollar would be nice. 

Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

Morgan $1.

Michael Brockhouse
Address withheld

Restrike the Morgan dollar to the size of modern dollars, on current metal and planchets, also with a silver version for collectors, at the small dollar size.

Guy Cleveland
Via Facebook

Half cents and large cents.

Dean Hantzopoulos
Via Facebook

The dime is the longest unchanged coin still in currency, right?

Brent Foster
Via Facebook

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