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Community Voice Responses: (June 11, 2019)

From the May 17 Numismatic News E-Letter

What is the next coin show you plan to attend and how far will you travel for a coin show?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

I attended last year’s ANA in Philly. It was only a one and a half hour drive for me. I would love to go this year to Pittsburgh but that is eight hours away, still debating...

Chris Wilson
via Facebook

My next show will be Baltimore Whitman, then ANA Chicago, then autumn PAN, and then the Bloomsbury in London, England in December.

V. Kurt Bellman
Harrisburg, PA

I plan to attend a local Houston, Texas show in mid-June [organized by Ed Stephens, a local collector, with about 40 or so dealers].I just re-entered coin collecting last December, after a 55-year

hiatus [I retired in November] so, right now, I’m not willing to travel outside Texas for a coin show.In the future, when I’ve ramped up my education about grading, detecting counterfeits, and what I want to collect [definitely not “complete series” collecting like I did in my youth—now I am buying lower mintage post-Civil War U.S. coins in the MS and PR grades, certified by NGC or PCGS]. While I’m finding coins to purchase on eBay, and I plan to soon expand to online auctions like Heritage and Great Collections, I’m sure there will come a time when I will have to consider attending the big shows [FUN, ANA, etc.] in order to view, in person, the widest variety of the rarer coins I am pursuing.

James Sibley
Address withheld

April FUN show in Orlando, and I am willing to travel 125 miles.

Steve Atkinson
Address withheld

I have not ever found fortune in such an abundance as to attend a show.Ironically my original goal was to become member of the guild. Not limited to coin, my Polaris is to become a complete member in all which is probably one world wide from the TRUE ANCIENTS such as those written of by Enoch. To the ART the true definition of the Now or present.

Jason Green
Address withheld

I plan to attend Long Beach from Dallas. I usually stay local but go to one or two out of town.

Don Ostler
Address withheld

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