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Community Voice Responses: August 13, 2019

From the July 12 Numismatic News E-Letter

Has the inclusion of a 2019-WLincoln Cent in select Mint products influenced your buying decision this year?Why or why not?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

I had set plans to purchase each of the Mint’s Proof, Mint and Silver sets prior to the inclusion of the W-minted cents.While I was not influenced personally, I did purchase an extra set of each for my younger brother and lifelong collecting partner. Thus I was both influenced and not influenced at the same time. I am sure this pattern was replicated elsewhere resulting in greater sales numbers. I do appreciate the production of “bonus” coins, but am not overly impressed in an attempt to overload collectors with additional variations of coins just for extra sales.

Jim Lloyd
Atoka, Okla.

The short answer is yes. I bought the 2019 set to get the 2019 W penny. I am not concerned that it may or may not

be a super rarity. Anyone who loves Lincoln pennies has to have one!

Gino Geraci
Address withheld

Despite not being fond of the shield design reverse, the first-ever West point mint mark (W) was a must-have. I’ve been collecting Lincoln cents since 1965 and had previously closed my set at the year 2009, however, I am currently considering including the shield design.

Tony Navidad
Needles, California

Yes. The special 2019 pennies did motivate me to purchase. I especially like unique items - Keep it up!

Gary Fuss
Address withheld

I was influenced to buy proof sets this year so I could have those coins, and I absolutely regret it. The first cents were stained, and the replacement set weren’t proof (they were even a different part number). I can’t imagine buying US Mint products again for a long time to come.

Henry Mensch
Syracuse N.Y.

That’s the only reason for buying the set. I just wanted to have the first (for once).

Steven B. Gray
Address withheld

I have bought US Mint sets since 1959 and continue to buy them. An extra coin is nice, but I would have bought it anyways.

Bruce Bentz
Address Withheld

My decisions to purchase coins at the US Mint were not affected by the
minting of another collector penny. In fact, I did not know I was
getting the W pennies until I got my usual order of Mint Sets. It kind
of messes up my collection by having a single coin outside the Unc and
Prf coin sets. Where do I put it and where did I lose it or why can't I
find that penny in my coin set collection? It's lying loose somewhere
among the 50 or so years of Mint sets I have collected! To me it was
another useless idea from the Mint!

Richard Neider
Address withheld