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Community Voice Responses: Aug 20, 2019

From the July 26 Numismatic News E-Letter

Do you support the legislation to authorize the production of 2021 Morgan & Peace silver dollars?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

Why not sell them as souvenirs of great collector coins? The mint, grading firms, modern coin dealers, tv show sellers will cash in big time. I’ll buy one example direct from the source if they make that possible. The US Mint should consider incorporating the date ‘1964’ when they were last minted and never turned loose.

Joe Gorak
Carlsbad. Calif.

I believe this bill should be killed and not passed. I understand some Morgan’s will be made at the Museum. It’s not a mint. It doesn’t make American coinage. A coin was just made there and copy is on the reverse. I’m sorry but any coin made there should have copy.

Also, why the 2021 date? Why not the start date of the series? I can buy a roll of them today in MS condition. It was a one year coin. And with Congress ready to hit everyone (dealers and sellers) with a tax on every coin and using pure silver we suffer again. How many times are you going to make this, stop it, and make it again?

Yes it’s a great series but I don’t like the date and I don’t like the fact it’s being made at a museum. How many times will we have anniversary coins? The mercury dime didn’t have full bands, yet it gets a grade of 70. The Morgan is a gimmick.

Michael Byrne
Address withheld

Yes. I would buy the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars, if 90% silver.

Tom Squires
Staten Island, N.Y.

I think this is a great idea. It would bring a lot of people into the collecting field. They would be silver instead of junk clad coins.

Name and address withheld


That would be an excellent tribute to such great representatives of our hobby.Most assuredly if they are available and AFFORDABLE for the average collector and not pushed for some exorbitant price.

Don Little
Victorville, Calif.

Yes I support the mint to issue Morgan and Peace Dollars dated 2021.

Malcolm Spiegeler
Hinesville Ga.

I support legislation to authorize the production of 2021 Morgan & Peace silver dollars.

John Espinoza

I am for production 100%

Felix Tijerina
Address withheld

Yes, it’s the 100th Anniversary, but please don’t change the design.

John Dunkle
Address withheld


Micahel D’Alessandro
Address withheld

After reading the article outlining the plans for production of these dollar coins, I emphatically do NOT support such legislation.Since only an “unspecified number” of coins would be produced with the Carson City “CC” mintmark, these would obviously be reserved for only the large and rich dealers and collectors.All of us smaller type collectors would be shut out from them as usual.After adding the $10 surcharge to the exorbitant markup of the U.S. Mint, the cost of the coins would be beyond reason, as is the usual case with all current Mint offerings.Just another example of the Mint, and in this case, the ANA trying to pawn off over-priced junk coins on us collectors.

Rick Anderson
Tucson, Ariz.

No, I do not.Even though I am a coin collector, I am a tax payer first and also like to think of myself as a sensible person.The majority of people in this country have no interest in silver dollars, whether historic or modern. I do not support the minting of any coins that the average person neither needs nor wants.Coin collectors should pursue that which already exists.

Peter Glassman
Schaumburg, Ill.

As one of many collectors of both Morgan and Peace Dollars, I do hope the mint will issue a modern issue of both coins.While I hope to see a modern variation, I have a fear that the Mint might try to overload the collecting population with Gold and 5 oz Silver copies just for extra profits.I for one will appreciate the reissues but will not purchase the extra fluff allowing the Mint to produce one less of these extras. Also I hope there will be an opening purchase limit to allow the smaller collector like myself to obtain my copies without the third party sellers making extra profits with the assistance of the Mint.

Jim Lloyd
Atoka, Okla.

No, I don’t support the production of 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars. There’s no good reason for them, and these issues largely pander to those with extra money to spend.

Not only do I have no confidence that the US Mint will get this right, I also feel that these are orphan issues of a sort that are designed to attract speculators and investors. The US doesn’t need any more non-circulating legal tender.

Instead, the Mint (and the Treasury) should take this energy and these resources and make better circulating coins for a public that is finding more reasons to abandon coinage in favor of other means of payment.

Henry Mensch
Syracuse N.Y.

The 2021 CC Morgan dollar is complete stupidity...especially using the CC mint punches.

I have souvenir coins from the CC mint/museum struck there Of the five I bought ONE is remotely struck “OK”. It has some definition of windows in the building.

Also, why 2021? There’s no anniversary that coincides with Carson City.

Paul Bechtoldt
Address withheld

Yes, it would be great holding these two large heavy silver dollars in my hands.

Steve Cheaney
Novi, Michigan