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Community Voice Response:

From the Jan. 3, 2020 Numismatic News E-NewsLetter

Do you think there is as much gold in Fort Knox as the government claims? How much do you think is actually there?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

Yes, I believe what they say that there is 147.3 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox.

Jesse L. Furry, Sr.
Delmar, Del.

Yes. I do believe the stated 97 percent of gold assets is probably true as is the 35 tons of raw opium seldom mentioned. The 3 percent discrepancy can be accounted for in mintage of gold coins for bullion and numismatics.

Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

I believe some gold is gone but most is still there. Too many people have had their hands in the gold cookie jar, some has to be missing. I believe Congress should write a law opening the gold reserves to the American public every 25 years. The gold reserves belong to the American people, so let us see them.

Gary R. Gagne
Palmetto, Fla.

I will bet it’s all still there. It costs a lot of money to transport it. Is there really a safer place to keep it than in the middle of a continent surrounded by M1-A1 tank divisions? I bet almost none of it is the government’s gold.

Mark VanBritsom
Address Withheld

I believe there is only a quarter of the amount of gold in Fort Knox than what the government tells us.

Dave Cafferata
Address Withheld

Reading Pat Heller’s online article, I am left with significant doubt as to just how much of the gold which is supposed to be in the Treasury’s control is actually there (Ft. Knox, Denver Mint, and West Point).

While Heller’s article concerns primarily Denver, it is impossible to believe that speculation or other malfeasance would only have occurred at one site. We have had far too many unaccountable “elites” running the U.S. government without oversight. It is high time for a “select” panel to examine the stockpile and report.

Jack Lloyd
Panama City, Fla.

No, there is not as much gold in Fort Knox as the government claims. I would be surprised if there was half the amount.

Bud Bauder
Address Withheld

No. I have serious doubts about how much U.S. gold is at Fort Knox. People who hide info. (as they do in the name of security at Fort Knox) have something to hide. That may be while several foreign countries have repatriated their gold from London and the U.S.

William Waychison
Timmins, Ontario, Canada

Given the number of phony conspiracy theories circulating among the gullible citizenry, I have no doubt that the actual report from Fort Knox is accurate. Furthermore, as our money is not backed by gold, why would this matter? If, in fact, the gold has been stolen, then our country is a lost cause and will collapse eventually under the weight of its corruption. 

More likely, we will collapse as a result of the phony conspiracy theories that will cause us to lose faith in all that we believe.

Bruce R. Frohman
Modesto, Calif.

One must look at the word “inventory” first. “Invent,” add an “A,” “S” and a “T” and you get “a story.” So, as we’ve seen over the years, it is not a stretch to conclude an invented story has been written as to how much actual gold truly exists as it travels from mint to mint. It’s a fool’s guess. It is akin to the story that the Mint offers the Public “Fair and Equal Access” to its products. The 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof silver eagle is a perfect example of an invented story.

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

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