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Common silver dollars lead market strength

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Sales of relatively common date Morgan and Peace silver dollars remain brisk unless these dates are encountered in significantly less common and much superior conditions.

Any dealer prepared to sell bullion at current levels is finding strong demand among collectors, if not from speculators.

Gold bullion coins including 1945 Mexico 2-peso coins were recently selling for as much as 20 percent above their intrinsic value, suggesting there may finally be anticipation of resurgence in the metals market. At least one dealer reported filling a significantly large order for bullion gold coins recently.

August is usually an import month for the business of coins, with the American Numismatic Association convention kicking off the fall season. It doesn’t hurt that an 1804 silver dollar and a 1913 Liberty nickel have been in the news recently, likely encouraging investors to once more finally dip their toe into numismatic waters.

Hopefully, this news will encourage the general public to collect as well. Wall Street continues to take a jaundiced view of precious metal commodities, in turn discouraging investors from buying collectibles, be they coins or anything else. Recent stock and bond profits need to find a home sooner or later. Coins may be a traditional hobby, but coins are also a traditional place to bed down profits in anticipation of stronger commodity markets, especially should the stock and bond markets shift direction and head south.

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