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Collector looking ahead to new year already

A reader noted that the U.S. Mint can

A reader mentioned that he thought the U.S. Mint couldn?t strike any 2006-dated pieces after the calendar changes to 2007, and wondered whether the 2006 uncirculated ?W? mintmark American Eagle coins would go off sale sometime in December 2006.

He is correct on the first point. According to the Mint, striking of all 2006-dated Eagles will take place prior to Dec. 31, 2006.

However, 2006-dated pieces will remain on sale until the Mint is ready to sell 2007-dated versions. This is the current norm for annual sets as well.

If the motivation behind the question was a desire to take a gamble on the ?W? mintmarked Eagles, which are not exactly flying off the shelves at present, one might speculate that the Mint could have a supply of 2006-dated examples on hand further into 2007 than it typically does of the ?normal? Eagles. But maybe not. That?s the trouble with speculation, one doesn?t know just what will happen.

In other news, 24-karat gold Buffaloes jumped 5,500 this week, running total since debut now at 292,000.

And, for trackers of 2006 Golden dollar bag sales, the figure for Denver 250-coin bags fell by 33 this week.