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Collector life goes on

Believe it or not, I still get collector e-mails and phone calls during periods of extreme precious metal volatility.

But these calls can take on a peculiar nature.

One call in the past week was from a fellow who said he was within driving distance of Phoenix, Ariz. He said he had an 1804 dollar.

I told him about Chinese fakes. I mentioned that all 15 genuine pieces were accounted for.

He replied it couldn’t be a Chinese fake because he had had it for 25 years.
Well, he had me there.

My reply was to say that even if he told me his grandmother had had it for 100 years, it was still likely a fake.

I suggested he have a grading service or a dealer take a look at it.
That’s when he mentioned Phoenix.

I hope it is not a busy day in whatever Phoenix shop he chooses to visit to show them his 1804 dollar.