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Collecting WW II Medals

I’m back, thanks for waiting. Lesson learned: surge protectors do not last forever. The ability of a surge protector to protect decreases with every power surge that hits it and eventually it is just a power strip without any protective capability.

Collecting WWII medals can be more of a challenge than most of us would expect. Collecting every medal of every country involved in WWII is not what I was thinking of. I am thinking of collecting only one medal from each nation that was involved in the war in any capacity. Even just putting together a list of all the countries involved will take time and a bit of research. For example getting a medal from each of the major combatants (USA, USSR, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.) would not be a problem. Most of the smaller countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, etc ) over run by the main contestants would also not be too hard to find. For example Norway issued a medal to “Participants” which includes members of the military and the civilian resistance forces. Then there are the other countries like those of South America which had very limited involvement and therefore would have issued very few medals. Next are the neutrals like the Swiss and Swedes who called up their troops to protect their borders. This could be a very interesting and historic collection theme.